Why is patient education important?

Patient education is an important responsibility for any disease but is especially important with multiple sclerosis (MS), where there can be such a wide variety of symptoms. Knowledge of what to watch for enable early treatment with reversal of problems before they become severe. Knowledge of what to expect allows approaching the disease with a reasonable attitude, without unnecessary fears and with a positive outlook. Knowledge of how others cope with various problems allows maximal functioning with a given disability. Promotion of understanding from family and friends prevents unnecessary suffering and establishes a valuable support systems.

What resources are available for patient/family education?

The MS Center works with the Gateway Chapter of the MS Society and the National MS Society to provide patient and family education. Members of the MS Team have presented and supported workshops sponsored through the MS Society. The MS team provides education to patients both in the acute setting, rehabilitation setting and the MS Clinic.

The Gateway Chapter of the MS society can be reached at

1867 Lackland Hill Parkway
Saint Louis , MO 63146
Phone: 314-781-9020
Fax: 314-781-1440
Email: info@gatewaymssociety.org

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society runs an excellent website with reliable, unbiased information for patients, physicians and other medical personnel and researchers